Unique model

Unique Model

We have an effective and scaling approach from registration up to presence and promotion.

Scientific Office
1- Workforce

a. Adamco Pharm emphasizes that it is proud of its people & professional staff who are participating with their dedication, hard work, knowledge, skills and professionalism in implementing the mission of Adamco Pharm which is:
                               i.Distributing high quality medicinal products
                               ii.Satisfying our customer’s needs
                               iii.Providing solutions for patients & society
                               iv.Becoming partners for patients & physicians 

to keep our unique model
b. In each of our companies, we are honored to have employees: Pharmacists, Physicians, Veterinary doctors, Science, Engineers, Salesmen, Accountants, Stores keepers, Technicians, Workers & Drivers with this approximate organogram.
c. Sales force members are dynamic, active, insistent, self-disciplined and committed to follow the company policy and achieve the strategic objectives in reaching the annual forecast for each partner (There are almost lines including their members with every position needed for each partner’s products) to accomplish their missions with the best performance & the company support them with a fleet of cars, professional drivers, powerful connections with healthcare professionals and very strong history in these countries, more than 11 years in Africa


2- Quality

     a. Adamco Pharm fulfills the 7 principles of quality:

      i.Customer Focus

 ii. Leadership

 iii. Engagement of People

 iv. Scientific methodology approach

 v. Improvement

 vi. Evidence based decision making

 vii. Relationship management 

b. Adamco Pharm fulfills the good distribution practice requirements and storage aspects in which the premises are inspected by the health authorities both annually &randomly with international quality standards.

c. Ensure the best products in the hands of our end customers.

d. Our employees are of high professionalism and knowledge, each is pioneer at his specialty.

e. Warehouses: We have the best equipped storage warehouses in Niger with the best temperature control system, security systems and huge capacity that allows us to be able to obtain stocks up to yearly consumption of all our products combined.


      3- Training 

Our work teams receive the best product trainings from the most skillful product managers of our marketing department which are handpicked by our Top management to enforce their vision which reflects on our successful sales and provided with all the promotional materials to ensure the best message delivery from the mother company.

           4- Accommodation and cars

 a. We Provide our Africa team the best accommodations with hoteling and housing, each house equipped with good:(cooking, security and cleaning persons and facilities) to ensure the best service provided by our healthcare professionals and focus.

b. We provide cars with drivers to facilitate our team' mission to reach every corner of the city and we have office branches in the main sub-countries in each Burkina and Niger to ensure the message delivery to all healthcare professionals. 

5- Unique Logistics 

-Adamco Pharm is dealing with the huge manufacturing pharmaceutical companies in Egypt (National & International).

-Adamco Pharm is deal with the biggest shipping companies in Egypt like to MAERSK line and Arkas.

-Adamco Pharm is deals with the best customs professionals in this field in Egypt and in West-Africa.

-Adamco Pharm is Looking forward to be number one in the middle east in export medicines to All Africa.

-Most of our suppliers are Holding ISO & CE, GMP.

-Adamco  Pharm has an experience for more than 10 years in exporting to Africa.

-Adamco Pahrm hired a large group of professionals & experts in its logistics department.