Adamco Pharm believes that their employees are the intellectual capital of the business. They are the ones who contribute to the success of the organization. Satisfied, highly motivated and loyal employees are considered the competitive edge of our company. Adamco Pharm is a workplace where all employees are treated with respect. We also respect the diversification of nationalities, ideas and cultures which integrate together effectively to achieve our goals. Adamco Pharm offers to their employees a healthy and safe work environment that supports their success such as social and medical insurance, housing and transportation, Social events and continuous training.

1. Medical insurance

Adamco Pharm provides all the employees with a medical insurance to ensure their health. Adamco Pharm is contracted with the main bigger hospitals and medical centers, where the expenses of treatment, the surgical operations and the hospitalization are covered.

2. Housing

 Adamco Pharm supports their employees, living in the African countries, with all the facilities that enable them to perform more efficiently. Adamco Pharm provides their employees with housing units with all amenities for a decent and successful life.

3. Transportation 

Adamco Pharm helps its employees to get access easily to their work in the African countries by providing them with private transportation,
which save the time and the effort and guarantee a higher performance.

4. Events

Adamco Pharm organizes social events in different occasions to reinforce the team spirit between its employees such as Iftar Ramadan, social events and celebrating personal events.
Adamco Pharm also organizes scientific conferences for the promotion of the products and for building relationship with the customers.

5. Training

Adamco Pharm believes that well-trained employees are considered the main pillars of the company.
Adamco Pharm offers continuous training programs to improve the knowledge and the competences of its employees.
All the training programs are monitored, revised and updated to fulfil the training needs of its employees.