Global Existence
 Expansion into international markets demonstrates our commitment to support countries growth aiming to provide healthcare and pharmaceutical services by providing the best products manufactured by Egyptian factories with the most affordable prices and the highest quality. International expansion is becoming a key business objective worldwide. Adamco Pharm since its early existence, was directed towards global existence. As a start up in a country like Niger which is considered as our first seed in Africa, not as different companies begin their journey locally. Dr. Ahmed El Bassatiny started with the opposite direction, believing in international business, with a unique model that never existed in any African country. A cornerstone of our global philosophy is to partner with the most reputable business partners in Egypt, which made Adamco pharm exist uniquely in global business.

   Our Current existence is in:


                                                                                                                                   Burkina Faso




We are committed to ourselves and our partners to increase market existence and new opportunities in different countries and cultures.