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Adamco Pharm is a holding company based in Cairo - Egypt, that is responsible to manage international business through searching for new market opportunities where it can expand the volume of the business

Egy Nile Pharm (E.N. PHARM) is a subsidiary company located in Niamey – Niger, that has well established business in Niger since 7 years through its main station in Niamey – Niger where it holds around 40% of pharmaceutical & consumable either in private or tender business.

Egypt Niger Pharm (E.N.P) it’s a distribution pharmaceutical company and it’s our recent subsidiary company, which we have acquired it totally (100% from its stocks) in 2018, ENP was well established-company in the West Africa Market since 2008, and has strong pharmaceutical products portfolio which will be add-value to our group.

  • Our objectives :

    Adamcopharm; is expanding its international business through 2 arms:

    ● Invading new territories in West Africa and we already established our business in Niger.

    ● We are working to increase and diversify our portfolio through registration of wide range of product mix to fulfil market needs.

    The all are working for the same objectives with integration for the business development of the alliance

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