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Adamco Pharm has been emerged as one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the region, the geographical focus of the company is on countries in Egypt and West Africa. Strategic focus on selected therapeutic categories has contributed to the rapid growth, market acceptance and overall success of the company, the Manufacturing Head Office in Egypt, Cairo.

We focus on attracting staff, selecting, training, evaluating and rewarding employees, as well as following the leadership of the organization and organizational culture and ensuring compliance with labor laws.

Human Resource in Adamco pharm is a professional recruitment department specialized in the search for and the placement of qualified candidates, Adamco Pharm has laid great emphasis on attracting, we are working to attract employees to our company in Egypt and West Africa.

HR Department is a team of executive recruiters, researchers, and other supporting staff that work diligently to develop and maintain a long-lasting relationship with employees.

we adopt the latest technique in screening, interviewing, selecting and processing the required candidates in recruiting medical and pharmaceutical staff and other categories "Accounting, Sales & Marketing, Administrative, and other various activities.

We always endeavor to prove that the HR industry is not only the key to reach the targeted success, but also the main tool to retain success In Adamco pharm.

At Adamco Pharm, we consider our employees as our prime asset. All members of Adamco family give all support in developing to their full potentially.

Individual contributions are recognized and rewarded.

Adamco Pharm is a workplace where all employees are treated with respect.

The diversity of nationalities, ideas and cultures are out barn for success.

If you are interested to join our team please send your CV and write the position code in subject to email Career@adamcopharm.com

  • Position Code
  • Scientific office manager SOM#1
  • Product ManagerPM#2
  • District ManagerDM#3
  • Medical RepMR#4
  • Marketing ManagerMM#5
  • Administration Admin#6
  • Financial Accountant ACC#7
  • Human Resources HR#8
  • Logistics Logistics#9

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